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Beware Greeks bearing gifts

26th January 2015

The Greeks voted for an end to austerity and who can blame them. Many people in Greece are having a torrid time. The question is what does it mean for the rest of us? This is now another area of uncertainty to add to a whole list of others – Will the UK election end in a hung parliament? Is a low oil price a good thing for a business or will it lead to global deflation? Will conflicts in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq get better or worse?

The temptation for companies when things are uncertain is to put growth plans on hold and “wait and see” before taking any decisive action. Whilst this is understandable this is exactly what the world economy doesn’t need. Caution at work leads to caution at home. We all know that consumer confidence is what drives consumption and growth so we all need to tip the balance in favour of optimism about the future and vote for policies in our personal life and our businesses that drive growth and consumer confidence. We all have a part to play because we will all reap what we sow.